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Enterprise Responsibility

Social Responsibility
Human Right
  • GFS expressly prohibits any form of discrimination or harassment based on race, colour, age, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender (including pregnancy, childbirth, or medical treatment) or any other factor. It does not discriminate against members of the armed forces, ex-servicemen, persons with physical or mental disabilities or genetic problems and groups protected by local laws. Does not tolerate any inappropriate behaviour to visitors, contractors, customers, etc., and any behaviour that interferes with the performance of employees' duties.
  • Business Code and Ethics
Code of conduct:
GFS has a good reputation for ethical conduct and fair dealing in business. When performing their duties, employees may be confronted with a variety of people or organizations, and disciplinary penalties will be given to those who communicate with customers, suppliers and colleagues in an unprofessional manner. Newell prohibits its employees from engaging in any illegal activity that adversely affects business activities.
Conflict of interest:
Employees shall not engage, directly or indirectly, in external business activities that conflict with the commercial interests of GFS or engage in activities that interfere with the performance of their duties. Such conduct will be subject to disciplinary action. The employee shall promptly report any conflict to his/her supervisor/manager and the human resources department.
Protect the informant:
GFS is committed to providing a good working environment for all employees, who are free to put forward their true ideas about business activities. Every employee at GFS is obligated to report suspicious behaviour that violates corporate rules, local and national laws and regulations.
GFS is committed to upholding the highest standards of business conduct and ethics. As a socially responsible company, we have an obligation to pay attention to the social, environmental and economic impact of our business decisions. GFS is committed to being a force for sustainable development. The core values of corporate social responsibility are the guiding principles for GFS's business activities.
Heath and Safety
In our business practices, health and safety are integrated into every operation. No doubt, this is the responsibility of every employee. At all times, prevention is often more effective than dealing with actual injuries and illnesses in the course of production. As an industry leader, Newell strives to optimize the implementation of its health and safety practices and to take a systematic approach to continuous improvement。
GFS understands that in business, opportunities and responsibilities go hand in hand, and we have an obligation to take effective measures to promote sustainable development. We promote environmental initiatives and work by conserving raw materials, reducing waste, and actively developing environmentally friendly products. With the increasing demand for environmental protection and emission reduction, more and more users have low emission requirements for suppliers, and we have gradually improved the company's environmental protection system. Today, many of the products designed and developed by GFS have been certified to meet industry standards and meet customers' requirements for environmental protection with low emissions.
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