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Installation Method Of Hydraulic Cylinder Seals by GFS

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Installation Method Of Combination Seals For Hydraulic Cylinders

The end user of the hydraulic cylinder is concerned with whether the hydraulic cylinder has a leak phenomenon, and the assembly quality of the seal directly determines the quality of the hydraulic cylinder sealing performance. Since the main sealing material of the hydraulic cylinder is mostly polyurethane, the hardness of the sealing member is obviously improved, and the use of the combined sealing member brings new challenges to the assembly of the hydraulic cylinder seal.

Improper assembly can easily damage the seal, causing leakage of the hydraulic cylinder. Therefore, an understanding of the combined seal assembly process is necessary.

1. Installation Tools

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2. Installation Method Of Combination Seals

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The image shows the assembly instructions for the sealing of the piston, such as piston rotary sealspiston glyd rings. The assembly tool used is in accordance with the installation tool of the above figure. 

For the specific installation steps, please refer to the following assembly process requirements.

1) Piston Combination Seals

* Preparations

Hydraulic cylinder seals

I. Remove all sharp edges and burrs within the installation area of the seal;

Hydraulic cylinder seals Manufacturer

II.  Remove dust, chips and other particulate matter;

install and replace tool for seals

III. Do not use tools with sharp edges;

Hydraulic cylinder seals Manufacturer China

IV. Apply lubricant and grease to the piston and seal before assembly;

seals heating

V. Heating the slide ring to 80 ° C ~ 120 ° C in oil or water which will be easier to shape and install;

* Steps To Install

Professional Seals Manufacturer

I. Lubricate and grease both the piston and seal before assembly;

China Professional Seals Manufacturer

II. Fit the o-ring in to the piston groove;

Professional Seals Manufacturer

III. Install the mantrel on the piston;

IV. PTFE sealing ring is placed on the mounting mandrel and pushed into the piston groove;

V. Remove the mandrel from the piston;

VI. Push the recovery tool while pushing it, so that the restoration tool is completely placed on the outside of the seal, and take off the recovery tool after one minute.

2) Rod Combination Seals

rod combination seals installation

The image shows the assembly is used for the sealing of the piston rod, such as the step ring for the shaft, the square ring for the shaft, the square ring of the shaft, the U-ring and the dust ring, which are assembled according to the following procedure. For the integral guide sleeve, it is recommended. The page's installation recovery tool.

1. Preparations Same As Piston Combined Seals.

2. Installation Steps

piston cleaning

I. Clean all guide sleeve parts, seals and recovery tools then apply lubricants;

shaped slide ring

II. Place the O-ring (NBR or FKM) in the guide sleeve;

o rings

The step ring is bent into the shape as shown above and placed in the guide sleeve. After loading, press the step ring with your fingers as much as possible to make it as round as possible;

4) Push the restoration tool shown on the previous page while pushing it into the hole, and then take it out for one minute and then remove the recovery tool.

The above will be the basic installation of piston and rod seals. 

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