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On the way of applying API Q1 certification

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API(American Petroleum Institute), established in 1919, the API is the first national business association in the United States. An important task of the API is to standardize the equipment used in the oil and gas industry to ensure the safety, reliability and interchangeability of the equipment used in the industry.


As a result of API 6A& 6D equipment sealing products increasing demand in oil and gas industry, GFS sealing products equipped with qualified API 6A & 6D equipment suppliers has been proved and tested showing outstanding performances and certain sealing products testing results even far more better than testing standards. GFS found high potential demand market of oil and gas industry equipment domestically and globally, has been proved our sealing strengths on the market. Therefore, our group is on the wat of applying API Q1 certification to strengthen the competitiveness of oil & gas industry equipment. GFS has passed IOS 9001:2015 management quality system,and we believe will be soon to get the  API Q1 certification by the end of 2020. 

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