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  • On the way of applying API Q1 certification

    API(American Petroleum Institute), established in 1919, the API is the first national business association in the United States. An important task of the API is to standardize the equipment used in the oil and gas industry to ensure the safety, reliability and interchangeability of the equipment use Read More

  • Steps to deal with GFS customized seal kits

    GFS offers a wide range of customized seal kits service for hydraulic cylinder, oilfield valves and rotary sealing to meet our customers’ requirement. customized seal kits are well designed with our experienced engineer department, and will offer samples for testing. The MOQ is around 100-200 unit Read More

  • Oil and gas customized valve seals

    Every seal manufactured at AFT Fluorotec is designed and made specifically to suit the application.Whilst we work around typical designs and groove dimensions for much of what we do, it is not a full picture of all we do. Many of the seals we design and supply are specials – the difficult applicatio Read More

  • Common Use Materials to Manufacture Hydraulic Seals

    Hydraulic seals are exposed to varying temperature ranges, high pressures, harsh liquids, and chemicals when used in industrial applications. To offer unfailing performance in critical environments, they should be manufactured using quality tested raw materials. Since the quality of raw materials gr Read More

  • Hydraulic Cylinder Maintenance For Performance and seals durability

    Regular hydraulic cylinder maintenance is crucial to the upkeep and performance of your systemHere we share our top tips for successful hydraulic cylinder maintenance.1. First things first – keep your hydraulic oil cleanMany hydraulic failures occur because of hydraulic oil contamination. This is i Read More

  • Installation Method Of Hydraulic Cylinder seals by GFS

    Installation Method Of Combination Seals For Hydraulic CylindersThe end user of the hydraulic cylinder is concerned with whether the hydraulic cylinder has a leak phenomenon, and the assembly quality of the seal directly determines the quality of the hydraulic cylinder sealing performance. Since the Read More

  • API 6A Pressure Seal Gate Valves

    gate valves
    basic information
    Standard service: use in oil and gas production and
    processing, chemical processing and power generation.
    For example:
    high temperature steam servicehigh temperature process fluidhigh pressure servicepumping, Read More

  • Common Failures Types of Hydraulic Cylinder Seals

    Seals play an important role in hydraulic cylinders—they contain the fluid and prevent the leakage of fluid between components. They fall into two main categories: dynamic and static. Dynamic seals are used in between parts that are in relative motion. The seals for a rod sealing system protect the Read More

  • Introduction of Hydraulic Seals in Cylinder Application

    Hydraulic cylinder seals are used to seal the opening between various components in the hydraulic cylinder. shows an example of the seal and guide components of a heavy duty cylinder. There are two main types of hydraulic seals in the system:Dynamic sealsThey seal between components in relative moti Read More

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